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A Bit About Us

As many parents, most of my time and energy was focused on our son.  Once becoming "empty nesters", I started to focus more on my own health and wellness.  In late 2013, I found myself grateful that I had received a sample pack of dōTERRA's Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint from a family member.  Instead of reaching for cool water or ice after touching the inside of my oven (ouch!), I realized I had another option,  lavender.  One drop on my already swelling white blister was all I needed! 

In January, 2014, I became a customer and started testing the oils for efficacy for support with occasional muscle discomfort, seasonal threats, digestive discomfort...the list goes on and on.  My husband and I were impressed and started substituting these natural solutions for over-the-counter medications.  It was natural for me to share these products with others, and I soon found myself doing a "side hustle".  Fast forward to today, and I LOVE helping others have that "aha" moment with our Certified Pure Tested Grade essential oils and products.  I would love to help you become a natural solutions provider in your own home!!