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A Bit About Me

As many parents, most of my time and energy was focused on our son.  Once becoming "empty nesters", I started to focus more on my own health and wellness.  In late 2013, I found myself grateful that I had received a sample pack of dōTERRA's Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint from a family member.  Instead of reaching for cool water or ice after touching the inside of my oven (ouch!), I realized I had another option,  lavender.  One drop on my already swelling white blister was all I needed! 


In January, 2014, I became a customer and started testing the oils for efficacy for support with occasional muscle discomfort, seasonal threats, digestive discomfort...the list goes on and on.  My husband and I were impressed and started substituting these natural solutions for over-the-counter medications.  It was natural for me to share these products with others.  Fast forward to today, and I LOVE helping others have that "aha" moment with our Certified Pure Tested Grade essential oils and products.  I would love to help you become a natural solutions provider in your own home!! 

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The biggest impact Doterra made in my family was with the digestive and emotional oils. Digestzen and Ginger are staples in our house. It took a bit but now my grown kids and husband will come to me and ask… “Do you have an oil for..,.” I love it and can always say YES! We truly believe in the oils and feel the benefits we get from them.
Balance, Serenity, and Adaptiv are also used often in my family. I can stop an anxiety attack for a family member 10 seconds after applying the oils. This has proven true on many occasions.
I love having a natural way to address the needs of my family and the resources we have access to, thanks to the facebook groups and printed books, are a lifesaver! So many people have extensive knowledge and I have found everyone is more than willing to share their suggestions and experiences.
I am truly grateful to have Doterra in my family's lives!

Kathleen, Member since 2014


All You Wanted to Know And More

What is dōTERRA?

doTERRA is built on the mission of sharing CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade® essential oils with the world. In order to best facilitate personal essential oil experiences, doTERRA utilizes a direct selling model that allows distributors to work with customers as opposed to mass marketing.

Our more personalized approach allows individuals to experience for themselves the incredible power of essential oils while also developing relationships of trust with the members of our global community. 

For more information, see Our Story and Why doTERRA? 

Why join with me?

As a person that loves harmony, I feel great responsibility to help you support your health naturally, and give you continued education and support through our wonderful balanced community.  Bringing Back Balance is just that - a group that puts the most important things first, and knows how to be balanced in our endeavor to live a natural lifestyle.

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